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Grooming Westies

When mentioning it, you are probably imagining a fancy white poodle having its hair neatly cut for a competition, but it is not the case. Dog grooming is not always about fashion – as humans also do it, it is also about hygiene and cleaning. Grooming is a very important part of a dog’s health and it can improve its lifespan.

What does grooming imply?

If your furry friend happens to be a westie, you are lucky as this breed requires little attention to its grooming and it is easy to maintain. Brushing, combing, bathing, hair trimming, ear care, dental care, and nail clipping, all of this should be included in your little friend’s grooming program. It must be done regularly, as it lets you discover whether it has any parasites, lumps or cuts. Thickness and texture vary considerable among westies, and according to them you should decide on the fur’s length. Keep in mind that usually this breed has a very thin and coarse straight hair and regular brushing will be needed.

Also, westies do not need weekly bathing as that will remove natural oils off their skin and that would make them prone to skin problems. Never use a human shampoo on your pet; human pH is not the same to a dog’s and that would harm them, instead buy an appropriate dog shampoo from your local pet store. When bathing, use warm water and make sure to rinse the fur as all shampoo should be removed.

Having a dog is not all about playing, petting, and taking cute photos in the grass; most of the times it can result in loads of frustration for the owner and sadness for the animal. However, with the proper education and training for both man and dog, it can only lead to years of happiness together.