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How to train your Westie

One of the cutest dog breeds out there, the West Highland White Terrier is a popular choice among those looking for a happy companion in their home. Due to its active nature and high intelligence, the westie can sometimes be a hardy pet, as it needs to confirm its independence. Nevertheless, if all you need is a loyal and joyful friend, the westie is for you.

Learn to manage your dog

Of course everyone loves those little bundles of fur that are the pups, but we often neglect the challenges that come along with buying one. Not knowing how to handle and train your dog from an early age can often result in frustration and exasperation. Thus, it is crucial for you to keep in mind some points in looking after a pup. First of all, you have to establish a daily routine that would be sacred for your new friend. The westie has to know there the water and food dishes are located, what are the times of day to eat, when to go to bed, or where to go to the bath room.

Every piece of this information will ensure you will later have a well behaved dog that will fit in your family. If you didn’t manage to present your little fella all the point above mentioned, it will start taking decisions of its own which is the perfect recipe for disaster. Your puppy should also learn a few commands and words in order for you to direct it and its actions. The most important word is “No” and is easy to understand why – you what it to cease any action you displease. Then it’s time to teach him “Good”, because you want him to understand when you’re happy with him. Having this basis, there is little chance you will encounter any unpleasant events with your fella. The westie will always repay your love with loyalty and joy.